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static SCONTEXTMAP * SCardGetContext ( SCARDCONTEXT  hContext ) [static]

Get the index from the Application Context vector _psContextMap for the passed context.

This function is a thread-safe wrapper to the function SCardGetContextTH().

[in]hContextApplication Context whose index will be find.
Index corresponding to the Application Context or -1 if it is not found.

Definition at line 3448 of file winscard_clnt.c.

References SCardGetContextTH(), SCardLockThread(), and SCardUnlockThread().

Referenced by SCardCancel(), SCardConnect(), SCardFreeMemory(), SCardGetStatusChange(), SCardIsValidContext(), SCardListReaderGroups(), SCardListReaders(), and SCardReleaseContext().

      SCONTEXTMAP * currentContextMap;

      currentContextMap = SCardGetContextTH(hContext);

      return currentContextMap;

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