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INTERNAL int32_t SHMClientRead ( psharedSegmentMsg  msgStruct,
uint32_t  dwClientID,
int32_t  blockamount 

Wrapper for the SHMMessageReceive() function.

Called by clients to read the server responses.

[out] msgStruct Message read.
[in] dwClientID Client socket handle.
[in] blockamount Timeout in milliseconds.
Same error codes as SHMMessageReceive().

Definition at line 57 of file winscard_msg.c.

References SHMMessageReceive().

Referenced by SCardBeginTransaction(), SCardCancelTransaction(), SCardConnect(), SCardControl(), SCardDisconnect(), SCardEndTransaction(), SCardEstablishContextTH(), SCardReconnect(), SCardReleaseContext(), SCardStatus(), and SCardTransmit().

      return SHMMessageReceive(msgStruct, sizeof(*msgStruct), dwClientID, blockamount);

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