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rxSharedSegment Struct Reference

#include <winscard_msg.h>

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Detailed Description

General structure for client/serve message data exchange.

It is used in the calls of SHMMessageSend and SHMMessageReceive. The field data is interpreted according to the values of the fields mtype and command. The possible structs the data field can represent are: version_struct client_struct establish_struct release_struct connect_struct reconnect_struct disconnect_struct begin_struct end_struct cancel_struct status_struct transmit_struct control_struct getset_struct

Definition at line 44 of file winscard_msg.h.

Public Attributes

uint32_t command
unsigned char data [PCSCLITE_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE]
uint64_t date
uint32_t group_id
unsigned char key [PCSCLITE_MSG_KEY_LEN]
uint32_t mtype
uint32_t user_id

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