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 * MUSCLE SmartCard Development ( http://www.linuxnet.com )
 * Copyright (C) 1999
 *  David Corcoran <corcoran@linuxnet.com>
 * $Id: wintypes.h,v 2005-09-06 20:29:07 rousseau Exp $

 * @file
 * @brief This keeps a list of Windows(R) types.

#ifndef __wintypes_h__
#define __wintypes_h__

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"

#if !defined(WIN32)

#ifndef BYTE
      typedef unsigned char BYTE;
      typedef unsigned char UCHAR;
      typedef unsigned char *PUCHAR;
      typedef unsigned short USHORT;

      typedef unsigned long ULONG;
      typedef void *LPVOID;
      typedef short BOOL;

      typedef unsigned long *PULONG;
      typedef const void *LPCVOID;
      typedef unsigned long DWORD;
      typedef unsigned long *PDWORD;
      typedef unsigned short WORD;
      typedef long LONG;
      typedef long RESPONSECODE;
      typedef const char *LPCTSTR;
      typedef const BYTE *LPCBYTE;
      typedef BYTE *LPBYTE;
      typedef DWORD *LPDWORD;
      typedef char *LPTSTR;

      /* this type is deprecated but still used by old drivers and applications
       * You should use LPTSTR instead */
      typedef char *LPSTR
#ifdef __GNUC__
            /* __attribute__ is a GCC only extension */
            __attribute__ ((deprecated))

#include <windows.h>

#ifdef __cplusplus


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