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LONG SCardCheckDaemonAvailability ( void   ) 

Checks if the Server is running.

Error code.
Return values:
SCARD_S_SUCCESS Server is running.
SCARD_E_NO_SERVICE Server is not running.

Definition at line 1943 of file winscard_scf.c.

Referenced by SCardBeginTransaction(), SCardCancelTransaction(), SCardConnect(), SCardControl(), SCardDisconnect(), SCardEndTransaction(), SCardEstablishContextTH(), SCardGetStatusChange(), SCardListReaderGroups(), SCardListReaders(), SCardReconnect(), SCardReleaseContext(), SCardStatus(), and SCardTransmit().

      LONG rv = 1;                        /* assume it exists */

      if (rv == 0)
            return SCARD_E_NO_SERVICE;
            return SCARD_S_SUCCESS;

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