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LONG SCardGetStatusChange ( SCARDCONTEXT  hContext,
DWORD  dwTimeout,
DWORD  cReaders 

This function receives a structure or list of structures containing reader names. It then blocks for a change in state to occur on any of the OR'd values contained in dwCurrentState for a maximum blocking time of dwTimeout or forever if INFINITE is used.

The new event state will be contained in dwEventState. A status change might be a card insertion or removal event, a change in ATR, etc.

This function will block for reader availability if cReaders is equal to zero and rgReaderStates is NULL.

 typedef struct {
   LPCTSTR szReader;          // Reader name
   LPVOID pvUserData;         // User defined data
   DWORD dwCurrentState;      // Current state of reader
   DWORD dwEventState;        // Reader state after a state change
   DWORD cbAtr;               // ATR Length, usually MAX_ATR_SIZE
   BYTE rgbAtr[MAX_ATR_SIZE]; // ATR Value

Value of dwCurrentState and dwEventState:

  • SCARD_STATE_UNAWARE The application is unaware of the current state, and would like to know. The use of this value results in an immediate return from state transition monitoring services. This is represented by all bits set to zero.
  • SCARD_STATE_IGNORE This reader should be ignored
  • SCARD_STATE_CHANGED There is a difference between the state believed by the application, and the state known by the resource manager. When this bit is set, the application may assume a significant state change has occurred on this reader.
  • SCARD_STATE_UNKNOWN The given reader name is not recognized by the resource manager. If this bit is set, then SCARD_STATE_CHANGED and SCARD_STATE_IGNORE will also be set
  • SCARD_STATE_UNAVAILABLE The actual state of this reader is not available. If this bit is set, then all the following bits are clear.
  • SCARD_STATE_EMPTY There is no card in the reader. If this bit is set, all the following bits will be clear
  • SCARD_STATE_PRESENT There is a card in the reader
  • SCARD_STATE_ATRMATCH There is a card in the reader with an ATR matching one of the target cards. If this bit is set, SCARD_STATE_PRESENT will also be set. This bit is only returned on the SCardLocateCards function.
  • SCARD_STATE_EXCLUSIVE The card in the reader is allocated for exclusive use by another application. If this bit is set, SCARD_STATE_PRESENT will also be set.
  • SCARD_STATE_INUSE The card in the reader is in use by one or more other applications, but may be connected to in shared mode. If this bit is set, SCARD_STATE_PRESENT will also be set.
  • SCARD_STATE_MUTE There is an unresponsive card in the reader.

[in] hContext Connection context to the PC/SC Resource Manager.
[in] dwTimeout Maximum waiting time (in miliseconds) for status change, zero (or INFINITE) for infinite.
rgReaderStates [inout] Structures of readers with current states.
[in] cReaders Number of structures.
Error code.
Return values:
SCARD_E_INVALID_VALUE Invalid States, reader name, etc.
SCARD_E_INVALID_HANDLE Invalid hContext handle.
SCARD_E_READER_UNAVAILABLE The reader is unavailable.
 SCARD_READERSTATE_A rgReaderStates[1];
 LONG rv;
 rv = SCardEstablishContext(SCARD_SCOPE_SYSTEM, NULL, NULL, &hContext);
 rgReaderStates[0].szReader = "Reader X";
 rgReaderStates[0].dwCurrentState = SCARD_STATE_UNAWARE;
 rv = SCardGetStatusChange(hContext, INFINITE, rgReaderStates, 1);
 printf("reader state: 0x%04X\n", rgReaderStates[0].dwEventState);

Definition at line 1184 of file winscard.c.

References pubReaderStatesList::cardAtr, pubReaderStatesList::cardAtrLength, _psContextMap::contextBlockStatus, psContextMap, pubReaderStatesList::readerSharing, pubReaderStatesList::readerState, SCardCheckDaemonAvailability(), SCardGetContextIndice(), SCardLockThread(), SCardUnlockThread(), SYS_MutexLock(), SYS_MutexUnLock(), and SYS_USleep().

       * Client side function
      return SCARD_S_SUCCESS;

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