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YY_BUFFER_STATE tp_scan_bytes ( yyconst char *  bytes,
int  len 

Setup the input buffer state to scan the given bytes. The next call to tplex() will scan from a copy of bytes.

bytes the byte buffer to scan
len the number of bytes in the buffer pointed to by bytes.
the newly allocated buffer state object.

Definition at line 1490 of file tokenparser.c.

References tp_scan_buffer().

Referenced by tp_scan_string().

      char *buf;
      yy_size_t n;
      int i;
      /* Get memory for full buffer, including space for trailing EOB's. */
      n = len + 2;
      buf = (char *) tpalloc(n  );
      if ( ! buf )
            YY_FATAL_ERROR( "out of dynamic memory in tp_scan_bytes()" );

      for ( i = 0; i < len; ++i )
            buf[i] = bytes[i];

      buf[len] = buf[len+1] = YY_END_OF_BUFFER_CHAR;

      b = tp_scan_buffer(buf,n );
      if ( ! b )
            YY_FATAL_ERROR( "bad buffer in tp_scan_bytes()" );

      /* It's okay to grow etc. this buffer, and we should throw it
       * away when we're done.
      b->yy_is_our_buffer = 1;

      return b;

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