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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_psContextRepresents the an Application Context on the Server side
_psContextMapRepresents the an Application Context on the Client side
begin_structContained in SCARD_BEGIN_TRANSACTION Messages
cancel_structContained in SCARD_CANCEL Messages
connect_structContained in SCARD_CONNECT Messages
control_structContained in SCARD_CONTROL Messages
disconnect_structContained in SCARD_DISCONNECT Messages
end_structContained in SCARD_END_TRANSACTION Messages
establish_structInformation contained in SCARD_ESTABLISH_CONTEXT Messages
getset_structContained in SCARD_GET_ATTRIB and Messages
reconnect_structContained in SCARD_RECONNECT Messages
release_structInformation contained in SCARD_RELEASE_CONTEXT Messages
rxSharedSegmentGeneral structure for client/serve message data exchange
status_structContained in SCARD_STATUS Messages
transmit_structContained in SCARD_TRANSMIT Messages
version_structInformation transmitted in CMD_VERSION Messages

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